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PATRAK-A   latest for standard 3 to 8 Hello friends This site www.arvindparmar.com gives all the updates regarding education. Specifically, various updates on primary education are provided. This post also contains an article related to education.  After reading this article it is also given a releva…

Matter of E-government application implementation

Matter of E-government application implementation

As part of e-Governance in the administrative workings of the state, the e-Government application has been launched for the convenience of the state employees and the well-being of the citizens. As a part of this, the newly developed e-government application has been formally started on a pilot basis in all the departments of the state government from 31/10/2021 and the e-government application will be fully implemented in the entire state from 9/12/2021.

  The e-Government application can be accessed from the link "esarkar.gujarat.gov.in" on the GSWAN website.

   User manual for use of e-government application (in Gujarati and English language) and video guide for various modules is available on the e-government application login page.  The form is included in the enclosure along with instructions for creating Single User ID and Multipluser ID in e-Sarkar application, according to which authorization on sarkar (@ gujarat.gov.in) for creating login credentials (user ID, password) in e-Sarkar.  official) Proposal should be sent from e-mail id.
Matter of E-government application implementation

e-Sarkar એપ્લિકેશન ના અમલ અંગે ઓફિશિયલ પરિપત્ર તા.16/11/2021. - Click Here To View

   Relevant Deputy Director (IT) Assistant Director (IT) / ICT Officers of Head Office / Boards / Corporations and other Government Offices of State Government Administrative Departments of Government E-Government Application Implementation, Training, Single User ID / Multipluser ID  To create, developer as well as coordinate with Gujarat Informatics Limited (Gujarat Informatics Limited) as well as act as nodal officer for every matter related to e-government application.

Matter of E-government application implementation

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