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Online quiz for students on the occasion of the Independence Day of India

Online quiz for students on the occasion of the Independence Day of India
SAC - ISO.  The Ministry of Culture, Government of India is going to celebrate the 75th anniversary of India's independence under the theme "Azadi Ka Marav".  The Government of India, Department of Mouse (DOS) is also organizing various activities on the occasion of 75th Anniversary of Independence of Harat.  Puran - 2 and 3 (Hindi and English) will be in both languages.  The main subject of the Sadarhu online quiz is the freedom movement, heritage, constitution, space science and technology, current trends, sports and other related fields.

Various efforts are being made by the government to further develop the online quiz of primary school children and other students. Many students do
not participate online and cannot develop on their own.  The online quiz conducted by the institute requires them to use the activities that they have to do at home and participate in every competition and make every effort to buy their own development so that every student can take part in the online quiz given here.  And self-development efforts should be required. The circular given here is about how to participate. It should be read and used.  The advice of the elder and the work can be done accordingly but if there is no understanding then one should necessarily participate with the guidance of another person or his own class teacher and  Mum should inform the students and make every effort to get maximum number of students to participate in such competitions. If there is a relative in any other place, I should share the given link to all the friends.  Efforts should be made.

Online quiz for students on the occasion of the Independence Day of India

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