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There is an epidemic of "corona" in the world right now. In most countries of the world, educational institutions like schools, colleges, colleges, etc. are closed. Students do not come to study in school or college. India is in a state of lockout. 1 Gujarat / state / 201 from In the state of Gujarat, the Chief Minister of the Government of Gujarat Vijaybhai Rupani implemented the program of "Home Study" so that the study of students is not spoiled. Students are allowed to study at home under this program. Educational videos of each standard are broadcast daily on DD Girnar channel as per schedule. Children can study by watching home learning videos on television. Students Std. Watch Home Learning Videos for all chapters in 1 to 12. Students who are left to watch videos on DD Girnar channel can watch YouTube, "DIXASA" app, "Study at Home" app, BISAG (Bhaskaracharya Institute Space Programs and Geo-Information) Vande Gujarat Channel. Students watch home learning videos for June and July. In this post we have put home learning videos for standard 1 to 12. Students learn a lot from home learning videos. Students learn many activities.

The role of teacher in society is very important. The teacher establishes the sacrament in young children. The teacher molds the children and makes them noble. The teacher tries to draw the children well. There is no such thing as a good child and a bad child in a teacher’s mind. To me every child is a form of God. The teacher gives the child the best quality education and in the end he takes the best work from him.

 Good teachers make a different impression on their students. The teacher develops creative power by giving the child an interesting education. The teacher teaches the students positively and leads them on the right path. He needs knowledge, skills and a positive attitude so that the student is not lost in his life. The relationship between teacher and student is very sacred.

These days the education online education system has become an important tool for imparting knowledge to the scholars for all the tutorial institutes in the state. Now scholars, teachers and even parents mostly respond to the web mode of education which has now become the basis of fashionable education system all over the world. The worldwide spread of Covid-19 has simultaneously hampered educational activities across the state. Educational institutions have been closed since March this year, as a justifiable precaution to reduce the risk of virus infection. 

The nationwide lockdown that was imposed in the hope of catching the virus resulted in the closure of schools and colleges across the country, affecting 500 million students. To continue with the classes, organizations are focusing on e-learning methods of learning on digital platforms. However, this has increased the workload for teachers, especially in rural areas, thanks to the extended working hours for teachers and professors facing connectivity issues

Earth's educational institutions, including India, are being forced to work online from home due to the COVID-19 epidemic. As more teachers and students coordinate classes through the web, they are constantly targeted by hackers through a variety of malware and cyber attacks. A replacement report on Friday claimed that spear-phishing attacks on Indian schools and colleges by Gmail have increased in September following a decline during the summer holidays (July-August gust).

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