Amazing video of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, the world's largest company

Amazing video of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, the world's largest company

Amazing video of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, the world's largest company
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Only man is the only creature whose personality building would depend more on his own instinct than nature.  Man is a creature created by his thoughts, he becomes what he thinks.

  The major distinction between man and other beings is that no other creature except man can create a better life through superior ideas.  He cannot make his life good by thinking well, sheltering good thoughts.  Nature has made it as it is.  Now there is no scope to improve it.

The doors of life change are always open till the last moments of life in a human being.  He is able to make his life excellent or inferior according to his own.  In the life of an animal, there is no possibility of becoming Pashupatinath from an animal, but in the life of a human there is a strong possibility of becoming Narayan from a male.  As man eats, as he sees, as he hears, as he speaks and as he thinks, then he also builds his personality accordingly.

If that God has made you a man by grace, then why not think about the best, choosing the best and following the best path and creating the best personality, make your life the best.

  Do you really want to be happy, then why not abandon the paths that cause sorrow?  Your desire for happiness is fine but the path is not good.  Your direction, not your condition, is a wiggy.  Running for happiness is not enough, but it is necessary to run on the right path.

Google has announced a new CEO if the famous name Sundar Pichai from a major change in the company to make Sundar Pichai of Indian origin the CEO. Google’s at one timeSundar, who is the product chief, has an engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur. Born in Chennai, the beautiful Google for the last 11 years Connected with. At the same time, the world’s largest search engine has created a new company called Alphabet Inc., and now GoogleWill work under it.

Information provided by the co-founder through a blog post

According to a blog post by Google co-founder Larry Page, Google will now be part of Alphabet Inc. He said “BeautifulWill make Google even cleaner and more responsive “Alphabet’s Responsibility PageWill save in the form of a non-president.

Amazing video of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, the world's largest company



– The house was two rooms
Sundar Pichai’s family, who lived in a two-room house in Chennai, had neither a TV nor a telephone nor a car. In the studySundar got the benefit of best performance while he got a special seat in IIT Kharagpur. Engineering from hereHe later received a Stanford University Scholarship for further studies and America became his second home. The financialsituation of his family at this time can be gauged from the fact that his father had to take a loan for Sundar’s air travel.

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