Regarding the arrangement of refreshments for the winning students and teachers coming up for Taluk and District level book reader competition.

According to the above subject and references, it is to be stated that the next level will be held at the taluka level on 22 2 2019 and the district level book reader competition on 29 5 2019.  Various types of guidance are being sought for refreshment tea and snack arrangements during teacher and competition.

Ministry of Human Resource Development The Government of India has launched an integrated scheme for school education throughout the education.  Inclusion and providing equal quality education is the key to the whole education  Is permissible.  Special attention has been paid to the school library and its effective use in fulfilling the various objectives of the whole education.  As part of this, the National Trust and Tea books have been provided for the library in all the Government Primary and Higher Primary Schools of the State as per the guidance of the Central Government from the grant made by the Central Government last year for the school library and enrichment.

The importance of reading in the overall development of students is very high according to the findings of National Achievement Survey 2017.  General Chat Chat Lounge  Communication of all subjects is possible only when students have good reading skills.  Communication is essential for the delivery of these symptoms.

In view of the above, all Government Higher Secondary Standard Six to Eight Schools of the State as well as the Government-Granted RMSA model mode for the students of Secondary Standard 9 and Higher Secondary Standard 11 schools to conduct book reading competition from standard class to state level and not compete.  As part of the standard classification of these schools, the book reading competition is scheduled to be held during the year 1/2/2020

A guide to the book reading competition.  

The purposes of the book reading competition

Students are interested in reading while reading intuitively and regularly reading the current letter and periodicals.
Considering the above, more and more children are using the library more effectively than studying in all Government Higher Secondary Standard 6 to 8 schools in the state as well as Government RSS Model Secondary Standard 9 and Higher Secondary Standard 11 schools.  Introducing children begins with a book review of most things in the future  In order to become a reader of the mines, the book reading competition is organized during the period from 1/2/ 2020 to 7/2/2020 in the standard nine of the schools shown as part of the book reading competition as well as the book reading competition.  In each level of competition, children have to read and check library books throughout the year.  Of the books, the number of books is said to be evaluated considering the presentation.

Book Reading Competition All state government RSS models have state-of-the-art book reading competition organized in schools with state standard 9 and. In each competition, children can introduce themselves either verbally or by reading the paper they are writing.

Book Reading Week and Competition in the Class of the Standard.

Book reading week and competition in the class class of the standard.  Competition for book reading week and date 7/2/2020 during date 1/2/2020 to date 7 /2 /2020. The first teacher to review the book with all children studying in the standard grade.  To declare first and third rank winners based on the introduction of children.

School Level Date 8/2/2020 Standing competition against the students who have won in that class on Saturday, after the unit test of the school, a committee of three judges to determine the standard winner in the school level competition.  Educationist who is a qualified retired teacher in that village or area.

Cluster level  Date 15 2 2020 Saturday.  Date 15 2 2020 Standard competition for all children who have been victorious in school level competition in all the schools comprising that customer at all clusters of the state on Saturday shall be at least three and a maximum of five winners in the standard level in the cluster level competition thus consisting of a committee of 3 judges  Award Winning Teacher, Principal of Government Secondary Higher Secondary School  Minister of Education, Mr. Inspector CRC Co-ordinator.

Block Level Date 22 /2/ 2020 The standard competition for all children who have been victorious in all the custom contests included in that block on Saturday, thus the standard one winner in the block level competition will thus be a maximum of five winners, with a committee of three judges consisting of taluka Primary Education Officer Mr. Diet.  Related to Lecturer Mr. BRC Co-ordinator Shri.

District Level Date 29 /2/2020On Saturday, the standard winner for all the children who have been the standard winner in the taluka level competition in all the blocks included in that district will be the standard five winner in the district level.

State Level 7 /3 /2020Committee for determining the maximum number of winners in all the districts of the state on Saturday.






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